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We are a company devoted to redesign your business through eCommerce solutions, so your business can be changed into an eBusiness and improve your cost efficiency. In TRT we are specialists on administrating and managing the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) by and for the hotels, we are also experts on eBusiness, eCommerce, Business Intelligence and Revenue Management.
Booking Engine
Installation and administration, the real benefit of the tool is to manage it on daily basis
Online Travel Agencies
Administrate the Otas requires being aggressive and efficient, is not just give them inventory.
Create a web site is more than a lay out, is a continuous update and research to become the best
Many people tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right photography when designing a new web or uploading the Otas, People are visual creatures and photography plays a crucial role.

We are not a Channel Manager

Channel manager is a unifier of information without its own intelligence, TRT in the other hand, is a group of hardworking people, that work day by day in the extranets with criteria and resolution, always visualising the different variables of the market. Likewise, while a channel manager does not analyse data, in TRT we are driven by this data, searching for the best solution for your problems and needs.
Google Analytics
Google give us all the feedback that we need in order to increase visitation and sales
TRT Revenue Management
We developed a software that give us the right feedback in order to increase sales and RevPar
Booking and Expedia
Once you have a great relationship with the leaders of the industry, all the data that they give us is perfect for the development of your property.

The real problem is, how many rooms you are not selling every night?

Hotels usually fight at the OTAS or other players due to their commissions, but don’t forget why they start their business, lots of empty rooms on different seasons.

The real problem is the absence of a Revenue Manager, deciding correctly where and how much the hotel should be charging for the rooms.

Clients love to grow with us
+ Million dollars
Online sales during 2016
Room Nights
Sold during our first two years

Rising eCommerce

In TRT Interactive we are specialists in managing the Online Travel Agencies for your hotel. We are an eCommerce and OTAs administration business with years of experience in the market that can professionalize your Online Travel Agencies segment. No more headaches, we will take care of your OTAs with agility, knowledge and good results. TRT Interactive has at your service specialists in eCommerce and OTAs administration that will help your business to achieve the growth it deserves.

Electronic commerce

More and more people around the world are buying products and services in a simpler, more practical and direct way, this being very pleasant to internet users.
Let us help you!
You get!
Bigger and better display of your hotel at international level.
Hiring us will be more affordable than hiring in house personnel for managing your eCommerce and Revenue Management.
The results supports us.

eCommerce on the hotels industry

The hotel and tourism companies are also an important part of the electronic commerce and are enjoying a very powerful sales tool that they did not have access in the past. Sales in the online global travel markets in 2013 were of $560 billions and its is estimated that by 2018 they reach $830 billions.

Billion $
Expedia invest in tech and marketing in last 5 years
% of Transactions
Are being made on mobiles and growing
% of the reservations
are being made through eCommerce at Europe

Customer Experience

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“Work with TRT has meant a significant increase in our on-line reservations. The platform they have develop it helps us to simplify our daily work and it has a very positive impact on our revenue.
The world has changed and the tourist industry too, that´s why your property needs to be just one click from your costumers”

Felipe ChacónMarch, 2017

Hotel Savegre

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