Rising E-Commerce

5 case Studies of E-Commerce Rising Stars

By Sylvia Sommer

Anyone can tell you how to start an e-commerce business, but only a few have successfully accomplished this. In an article from Website Builder Expert, Jeremy Wong introduces us to five entrepreneurs who left their day jobs to pursue their business goals.

Starting a business is far from being easy and can be very discouraging at first. Add to this the struggle of raising children, balancing a full-time job and your typical life activities and throwing yourself into a startup is the last thing on your mind.

For inspiration, look to those who have created businesses. Furthermore, these e-commerce examples offer tips on strategies, tools and tactics to build a business in today’s digital economy.

E-Commerce Example #1: Selling $170,000 Worth of Hot Sauce in 10 Months

The title speaks for itself. You don’t need to create the next Pinterest to be successful. Morgen and Casey created MixedMade, serving up the most unexpected taste-pairings. An important aspect of e-commerce is, what are you selling? Mixing chile peppers with honey is as simple as it gets, so it’s inspiring to hear stories that have a simple idea at their core.

E-Commerce Example #2: How These Full-Time Parents Sell Doll Clothing Patterns and Earn $50,000 Per Month in Sales

This case study is especially inspiring since the founders of Pixie Faire are parents. They found a problem that needed solving, combined their skills and sold digital products to customers. They are also a great example of how niche products can find an audience, and how promoting digital products can be much more leverageable than physical ones.

E-Commerce Example #3: How a Fresh Juice Company Grew Sales From $8,000 Per Month to $96,000 Per Month

Healthy juices are all the rage right now and Jessica, founder of raw Generation, went through various phases of figuring out how to position her products to generate sales. She experimented with sites like Groupon and grew from there.

E-Commerce Example #4: Ex-Criminal Built an Online Business that Generates $80,000 Per Month

People can reinvent themselves if given the right chance. Robert Nava was in correctional facilities from the age of 11 to 27, but that didn’t stop him from succeeding at creating a business selling outdoor gear. He created a dropshipping system because he didn’t have any gear of his own. This is a really good example of how entrepreneurs can use both a marketplace and e-commerce to build a business.

E-Commerce Example #5: How a Company Built a 7-Figure Business Leveraging Off Youtube

Most people just think of traditional forms of media to sell their products. This husband and wife team cleverly used Youtube to offer customers tutorials on how to create hairstyles and promote their products. It was a great way to expand their following, gain fans by connecting to people and offering them useful tips.

Building a business is a challenge, so it helps to see how others are accomplishing this and learning from their strategies. Sometimes, the simpler the idea the better. So when planning what you’re going to sell ask yourself if it speaks to your customer’s needs. If so, start promoting your business with the aforementioned tools.